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Series of : We are Malaysian

We are Malaysian

Tunku Abdul Rahman once stated “we are all Malaysian. This is the bond that unites us. Let us always remember that unity is our fundamental strength as a people and as a nation”.
The word “unity” comes hand in hand with Malaysia. It led Malaysia, a diverse culture and religion nation, to become a self-governing country back in 1957. I remember very fondly my childhood days of playing together with other kids after school back in my hometown. It did not matter who we were, we went through ups and downs together, like family to one another. However, I do not see the strong bonds between the children nowadays that come from different racial backgrounds. In my perspective, a child is a precious innocence that acknowledges the fact that knowledge, friendship and love have no boundaries. Therefore, unity is strong. Unity is everything our country needs, and our children, the next generation, is our best hope. As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall”.

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