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Frequently asked questions

Where are the Products from?

Our products are created all over the world, from Europe to Asian countries. To name a few; German, Poland, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

Why Purchase from Ming Fine Art

If you are hunting for an unique piece or even limited edition products, Ming Fine Art is a place worth to visit. Our products is among the most versatile you can find in a gallery.

Are There any Promotions or Discounts

During different times of the year, Ming Fine Art will, at its sole discretion, hold promotions for customers. Feel free to visit our gallery and talk to our team, we will share with you current promotions available.

Shipping Cost & time

Due to different charges and time taken for shipping, we will check with logistic provider before get back to customer, to ensure the most accurate on estimated cost and shipping time.

Quality Control

In order to ensure our clients shop at the ease of mind, all products gone through a strict item selection process. We loves good quality products too.

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